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Hmm, I think we can. Yes, but we have a minimum. I am not sure, let me check with my manager. These negative comments are frequently used throughout the packaging industry when a customer is looking to purchase a product. Elephant Rock Packaging was created with one basic fundamental belief; the customer should always be able to order what they want, when they want it.

Our answer is: Yes, we can make that happen."

We are able to accomplish this because we work with exceptional suppliers. Our qualified staff will offer options, not just what is in stock. We are your partner in business and stand behind our quality and service. We have the resources to print, purchase and manufacture anywhere in the United States and overseas. No matter what your industry is, we have the knowledge and expertise to 2 2 2 create what you envision.

What we live by
We are here to help our valued customers find and purchase the products they need to make their business a success. We’re here to make it happen!

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